It is not an impossible mission. Tell us where you want to go, we’ll take care of the rest. We work together with you to build partnerships based on trust, professional flexibility, and the ability to manage complex strategies of integrated services. Transport and logistics, organisation and flow management are planned custom-made for you. We have all the solutions your need ranging from Intervention strategies, supply planning, transport optimisation, equipment transfer, coordination of logistics services and more.

We have “our papers in order” for special or exceptional services. We have preferred channels when the market takes you to Africa: Our presence for the last 10 years in those markets is a guarantee of quality.

International Exhibit Service

Rigorous time schedules and strict organisational commitments imposed by the exhibition agencies can be a problem when you need to set up your display on the platforms of international expositions. Crucial days, decisive for your business, we are at your side with all of our know-how

Exceptional Transport Service

Heavy? Oversized? We have the answer (and the means of transport) appropriate for your needs, so that your exceptional transports, construction machinery or equipment, can travel safely, and within the laws of any country you want to go. We work so that they will arrive at their destination where and when you want

Large Equipment Transport

If you need to transfer a complete industrial installation, open a new production site in a far-off country, coordinate the transfer of a plant, and after, the constant supply and provisioning of goods in distant countries, with shipments that reach all the world, you have found the right partner! We have special people available for your special projects.